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New #PIONEERS website is live!

Find out how European ports can reduce GHG emissions by implementing the most effective and innovative environmental practices. 🚢🌱

#GreenPorts #sustainability #H2020 #GHG #decarbonisation

Today, @RobertaMetsola has been elected as the new President of the @Europarl_EN until 2024. 🇪🇺

Born in Malta in 1979, Roberta Metsola who has been an MEP since 2013, is the youngest EP President ever elected.


#EuropeanParlament #ThisIsEurope

David Sassoli, @Europarl_EN President, passed away on 11 January 2022 in Aviano, Italy. The Parliament will honour his memory in a ceremony at the opening of the plenary session on 17 January in Strasbourg.


Podcast by Magellan

Uma série de podcasts da Magellan European Affairs Consultancy, sediada no Porto e em Bruxelas.
Os tópicos incluem ambiente, transporte, mobilidade e outros.

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