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METAclustering for cross-sectoral and cross-border innovation ecosystem BUILDING for the European Construction, Additive Manufacturing and Nature-Based Solutions industrial sectors’ SMEs

METABUILDING will reach construction clusters and their SMEs in their business environment and it will aim to achieve a sustainable and expandable collaborative innovation ecosystem backed by an open innovation digital platform performing six main functions:

1) Cross-sectoral/border Digital Marketplace;

2) Interactive Knowledge Repository;

3) Industrial commons database with technology assets from EU funded;

4) Business Strategy resourcing;

5) Innovation Funding Scaling knowledge support and

6) Metaclustering Network Management.

The METABUILDING project will nurture, mentor and technically assist SMEs and implement several cascade funding mechanisms, achieving at least 140 cross-sectoral, cross-border challenge-based SME-led innovation ideas/projects coming from regional clusters in six target countries: Austria, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Hungary.

METABUILDING will feature:

  • 6 Metaclusters working with 4 EU level roadmapping institutions (ECTP, AM Platform, EuRic and EFB) and 90 clusters with reach to more than 9000 SMEs;
  • 3 National Technology Platforms;
  • 1 national Construction Federation;
  • 1 Industrial Association;
  • 1 Business Network.

Magellan, as linked third party, will be mainly devoted to implementing the cascade funding initiative and support the overall management and deployment of the project in Portugal.

June 2020 – May 2023
Linked third-party
Custo total do projeto: 4,9 M€