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PICASSO- Preventing Incidents and Accidents for Safer Ships in the Oceans (CEF-T)

The PICASSO Project – Preventing Incidents and Accidents for Safer Ships in the Oceans, aimed to reduce the human factor related incidents and accidents, and contributed for the acceptance of the deployment of innovative communication and information technologies in a particularly challenging and complex environment such as the maritime transport sector, with rigorous and complex restrictions. PICASSO validated a series of technological solutions, through pilots in different areas: study and test of effective ICT tools to enhance safety and empower the human element of maritime transportation and provide better training to the crews, the operators and the shipowners.

Magellan was the co-coordinator of the project, assisting SASEMAR (the scientific coordinator), in all matters related with the management and implementation of the project activities, including liaising with INEA – Innovation and Networks Executive Agency – and the European Commission. The PICASSO project was implemented by a consortium formed by 14 beneficiaries from 9 countries: Portugal, Spain, Greece, Israel, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, Cyprus and Malta.

May 2016 – June 2018
Role: Co-coordinator
Budget: 3.8 M€