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Preparation of Applications to EU Programmes and EU Public Procurement

We leverage our clients’ strategies and boost their business by exploring synergies between the numerous funding programmes and European subventions. Our expertise in the management and coordination of projects funded by different EU funded programmes, supports our clients in their quest to find the best consortia/partners and to develop successful applications for funding.

Strategic Consulting

With a profound knowledge of the regulatory conditions, agents, institutions and competition, we know the logic of political thought, allowing us to ensure that our clients’ message is adequately conveyed and that their interests are upheld.

Representation and Advocacy in the EU

We represent our clients close to the political deciders, press, civil society and representatives of the European Institutions. Representation and advocacy take on different shapes. Here the roadshow service stands out, fulfilling a two-fold purpose of widening the scope of information on the relevant topics for our clients and deepening the relationship with the European institutions and other international players.

Monitoring and Intelligence

We develop detailed action plans adjusted to the needs of each client, aiming to boost their business, keeping track of all the developments, decisions, policies and programmes for the attainment of their goals.

Market Analysis and Research

The studies and analysis develop may consider a certain topic, a challenge or a specific decision-making process. Our goal is to deliver a rigorous and top-notch work.

Organisation and Management of Conferences and Events

We regularly organise events on behalf of our clients, both in Portugal and other European countries, such as promotion actions to reach relevant entities, companies and civil society representatives.


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